Sunday, July 23, 2017

[170722] EXO's Chen shows off his strong vocals on 'Knowing Brothers'

EXO's Chen impressed the cast of 'Knowing Brothers' on the July 22 episode.

As one his talents, Chen decided to show the cast of the program why he is the main vocalist of the group by singing So Chan Whee's "Tears". Before he started singing, he mentioned he will be singing the song in the original key even though it is extremely high for many singers. He impressed and shocked everyone in the studio by performing the song in a very comfortable fashion and made it look easy. "Tears" is a track that is very well-known for having numerous high key notes that only a handful of singers are able to perform.

Check out Chen's cover of "Tears" above!

Source: Allkpop
Translation by: Dailyexo

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