Sunday, July 23, 2017

[170723] Comedian Kim Youngchul’s Instagram Account Update [EXO]

#EXO #엑소 사진 보너스샷! 실은 내짝꿍 #세훈 이랑 찍는데 #찬열 이가 나도나도! 그러다 #수호 도 나도나도 하다 이렇게 되었음! ㅋㅋ 나머지 멤버는 언제찍지? 아 월요일 #음악중심 울산에서 만나자. 난 오프닝 엑소는 클로징? 아닐까?ㅋㅋㅋ 가수 후배로써 잘 부탁해! 세훈아 @oohsehun 월요일 보자! 아 어제 #아는형님 엑소편 재밌었죠?

“#EXO #EXO’s photo bonus shot! Actually I took this because when I took the photo with my best friend #Sehun, Chanyeol said - me too, me too! So then #Suho also said - me too, me too - so I had to just take the photo! keke When did I take pictures with the rest of the members? Ah, I’ll meet them on Monday at #Music Core Ulsan. I am opening and EXO is closing? Right? kekeke As your junior as a singer, please look after me! Sehun-ah @oohsehun see ya on Monday! Ah did EXO-L enjoy #Knowing Brothers yesterday?”

Source: luxekim
Translation by: Dailyexo

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