Friday, June 22, 2018

[180620] Shin_y28’s Instagram Account Update [BAEKHYUN]

그리운 공연날~ 희망의 BLACK팀멤버들과 공연전 대기하면서~ 공연 후 뒤풀이가서~ … 만나서 행복한 2년6개월의 대학원생활 챙겨드릴 수 있음에 감사했고 챙김받음에 감사하고, 부족한 

부분 같이 도와주고 보안해주는 연출님, 선배님, 후배, 언니, 친구 . . 모두 고생하셨습니다~ 이제 졸업이다!! 꺄💕

“Missing the concert days~ Waiting behind stage for the performances with Hope’s BLACK team members~ and at the afterparty after the concert~ … Meeting all of you, I was able to enjoy the two years and six months of university life. Thank you for taking care of me and for helping me in areas that I am lacking in. 

Director, sunbaenims, hoobaenims, unnies, friends . . All of you worked hard~ We’re graduating!! Kyah💕”

Source: shin_y28
Translation by: Dailyexo

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