Sunday, July 8, 2018

[180702] Official EXO-L Japan Website Update - “‘EXO-L-JAPAN presents EXO CHANNEL ‘ADVENTURE’’ is over!!“ (”『EXO-L-JAPAN presents EXO CHANNEL “ADVENTURE”』終了!!”)

EXO4回目のファンクラブイベント、『EXO-L-JAPAN presents EXO CHANNEL “ADVENTURE”』が終了しました!!
今回は “ADVENTURE”と題し、SPACE・FOREST・CASTLEと3日間違ったステージで冒険を繰り広げたメンバーたち。






“EXO’s 4th fanclub event, ’EXO-L-JAPAN presents EXO CHANNEL ‘ADVENTURE’’ is complete!
This time the theme was ‘ADVENTURE’. The members went on a different adventure on each of the 3 day,s with the themes being ‘space’, 'forest’ and 'castle’.
It was a memorable 3 days with the members competing vigorously in each game they played!

Also, to get closer to everyone, there were 4 sub-stages prepared from the stage centre, and the members rode around the venue on moving carts. Everyone enjoyed that right!?
If it’s a fanclub event, fans are able to get closer to the members and watched them ‘play games with all their might’ ^^

‘These 3 days happened in the blink of an eye! It’s sad that it’s already over’, Chanyeol said during the last ment. ‘I’m happy we are able to meet a lot like this! Let’s meet a lot from here on!’ Baekhyun exclaimed. Just like he had said, the members put all their strength into making this fanclub event enjoyable!

‘Thank you so much everyone!! I had a lot of happy times during these 3 days! I hope we get more opportunities to play together like this with you all!!’

Thank you so much to everyone who came!
Please make sure to keep a look out for EXO’s future activities!”

Source: Official EXO-L Japan Website
Translation by: Dailyexo

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